Robotic Catheter Characterization and Sensing

Project Description

The use of robotics for surgical interventions have become more and more popular. By introducing new robotic devices into the body that are controlled remotely by a surgeon, it is possible to improve the dexterity of the surgeon, the precision of cuts, sutures, and ablations. Minimizing the size and number of cuts to the body reduces patient trauma, reduces recovery time and hospital stay.

In our lab, we are currently focusing on robotic catheterization for curing cardiac arrhythmia, a type of chronic diseases where abnormal electrical activity within the heart cause it to beat in a morphologically irregular manner, resulting in poor blood flow efficiency, increased stress on the heart, and formation of blood clots leading to embolisms and strokes. We aim to improve the usability and improve the safety of the process of cardiac catheter ablation through robotic control. We are currently investigating new control methods, medical image guidance, and automation for robotic catheter procedures.



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